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Smart Response Serum

CHF 163.00

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      Smart Response Serum

      Available June 3, 2021.

      Smart skin care that thinks for itself.
      The next-generation intelligent serum uses Smart Response technology to detect micro-changes in the skin and activate appropriate active ingredients - exactly when and only where the skin actually needs them.

      The Smart Response Serum uses Smart Response Technology - a revolutionary combination of four specific active ingredients - which only become active when and where the skin really needs them.

      Soothing action:
      Smart Response technology detects inflammatory reactions in the skin and inhibits specific molecules that are responsible for the inflammatory process in the skin.

      Firming effect:
      Smart Response technology detects a low energy state in the
      collagen-forming fibroblasts, which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

      Pigment Balancing Effect:
      Smart Response Technology detects an excess of a key enzyme involved in melanin synthesis.

      Hydrating action:
      Smart Response technology detects subtle cracks in the skin's lipid barrier, and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and specific barrier components.


      all skin tones

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