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24 hrs delivery for all orders placed before 2 pm*.
Was sind akneverursachende Inhaltsstoffe?

What are acne-causing ingredients?

You may have heard of comedogenic ingredients, which cause or promote comedones in the skin. You may be less familiar with acneogenic ingredients - those that cause or aggravate acne. These common ingredients can hide in acne treatment products and cause ineffective treatment of your breakouts. What to look out for.

Lanolin: Derived from the words "lana" meaning wool and "oleum" meaning oil, lanolin is a fatty substance derived from sheep's wool. While lanolin is known as an emollient with moisturizing properties, it can also clog the skin, triggering the cycle of skin breakouts.

Fragrance: Artificial fragrances can increase acne infections, skin sensitization and photosensitivity.

Red D & C pigments: some of these dyes, which are coal tar derivatives, have shown strong comedogenic and acneogenic properties.

Mineral Oil: Mineraloil is an occlusive (something that physically blocks water loss in the stratum corneum). It is used in many products, but has been shown to cause and aggravate acne.

Talk to your skin therapist about products that are free of comedogenic and acneogenic ingredients and that contain known plant extracts that inhibit the growth of acneogenic bacteria.
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