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24 hrs delivery for all orders placed before 2 pm*.
Peeling - wie viel ist zu viel?

Peeling - how much is too much?

Exfoliation makes the skin look and feel firmer, tighter, and smoother. Because of this result, many fall into the trap of excessive exfoliation: an overzealous approach that can actually decrease the vitality of the skin and make it more susceptible to damage from UV light.

Excessive exfoliation triggers an inflammatory response that leads to an impaired lipid barrier that no longer functions properly, a sensitive skin condition, and accelerated premature aging.

Signs of over-exfoliated skin include:

  • noticeable dehydration
  • blotchy, dry patches
  • Tightness of the skin
  • redness and itching
  • increased sensitivity
  • inflammatory eruptions and irritations

If you show signs of excessive skin flaking, you should see a professional skin therapist who will most likely prescribe a soothing cleanser, toner, and protective moisturizer to begin the recovery process. Sunscreen is a must: wear a sunscreen with the physical UV blockers titanium dioxide or zinc oxide that will not irritate the skin.

After the skin has recovered, start with a gentle exfoliation that is suitable for daily use. If you want a more intense exfoliation, go for non-abrasive scrubs that contain chemicals like salicylic or lactic acid. Combine a gentler regimen with a professional exfoliation treatment from a professional skin therapist to get smoother skin without unwanted side effects.

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